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Our specialization - supply of raw materials for production, wholesale and production of dairy products:

- butter 72,5% and 82,5%;
- powdered milk;
- sale of raw materials;
- cheese product;
- hard and semi-hard cheeses;
UHT milk.

We collaborate with dairies in Poland and Germany. Our Company manufactures products in Poland dairies, where the milk is delivered. The modern equipment, work with natural raw materials, advanced production technologies and methods of management allow to ensure the safety and high quality products that run on the consumer market. Thus, providing a wide range of products with high quality. 

Our mission.
Creation of a qualitative products which are demanded by population of all social classes, have traditionally high quality, because of using modern technologies and natural raw materials. In the relations with our partners we use the maximum openness, providing individual approach to each of them.

Our vision.
More and more people start to think about the quality of products to be consumed. In our products, we tried to combine traditional taste, convenience and economy. Keeping up with time we pay special attention to quality control, and our assortment is being dynamically expanded and rotated. We are actively promoting our goods on the markets of the CIS, the European Union, Africa, etc.

Among the main priorities of the Company "Milkcher" should be highlighted the following:
- the supply of qualitative production under competitive prices;
- increasing the number of loyal customers;
- to establish its own food production;
- the automation and the use of new IT - Technology.

Ready for productive and mutually advantageous cooperation!

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